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How to manage my inventory data in Choco Web
How to manage my inventory data in Choco Web
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Choco Inventory provides real-time data and insights into your inventory and associated costs. Access and manage your inventory through Choco Web with ease.

Access the Inventory tab:

Open Choco Web and select the “Inventory” tab. Here, your inventory items will be displayed, organized by storage areas. If you are new to inventory management, check out the article “Get Started with Choco Inventory”.

Download Your Data:

Just click on “Download” to grab an Excel file of your inventory. It’s perfect for diving into deeper analytics at your convenience.

Edit your items:

Need to update something? Click on an item to edit its details right there.

View Past Stock Counts:

Click on the “Stock counts” tab to see all the stock counts your team has done. Open any stock count to see full details of what’s been counted.

Check out our article “How to create a stock count in Choco App” to learn more about inventory!

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