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Get started with Choco Inventory
Get started with Choco Inventory
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In this article we will explain what inventory is and how you can onboard yourself to get started immediately!

What is Choco Inventory?

Choco Inventory is a digital tool that enables you to perform stock counts and manage your kitchen inventory effectively. It provides real-time updates on inventory costs and item counts, ensuring you always have a clear overview of your stock levels.

How does it work?

Choco Inventory integrates seamlessly with the Choco App and Choco Web

  • Choco App: Allows you to take digital stock counts of your inventory items directly from your mobile device.

  • Choco Web: Provides a comprehensive digital overview of your entire inventory, including all stock counts.

Watch the Onboarding Video:
Start by checking out a quick video tutorial on the onboarding process to familiarize yourself with the system.

Navigate to the Inventory Tab:
Access the "Inventory" tab on Choco Web to begin setting up your inventory.

Download the Inventory List Template:
Download a pre-formatted inventory list template which includes necessary data points and a list of your suppliers.

Fill Out the Template:
Populate the template with your specific inventory items, ensuring all data points are covered.

Upload the Inventory List:

Once filled out, upload your inventory list back into Choco Web for digital tracking.


Do I have to define a storage area?

Yes, defining storage areas for your items helps streamline stock counts. These areas ideally refer to the physical locations of your items, such as "freezer" or "pantry". You can also use categories like “vegetables” as storage areas to organize your inventory list.

Can the same item be in multiple storage areas?

Absolutely! You can have the same item listed in multiple storage areas by simply copying the item and assigning it to different locations.

Can I count items in multiple units?

Yes, you can manage items in various units. For example, an item can be counted in both "kilograms" and "pieces" if needed. You can easily create multiple items and edit the “unit” field of your items in your Inventory Template.

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