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How to create a stock count in Choco App
How to create a stock count in Choco App
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Before you dive into counting your stock, make sure your inventory list is all set up. Need help with that? Check out our “Get Started with Choco Inventory” article.

Go to the Inventory tab:
Open up the Choco App and tap on the “Inventory” tab.

Start your stock count:

Click on “Start stock count” to begin.

Navigate Through Your Inventory:
Your items will be organized in tabs by storage area, making it easy to move through and count everything. Your team can also work on the same list at the same time.

You’re done!:
Once you're done, you can submit your stock count overview with just a few clicks.

✨ Pro Tip: Need to count stock but no internet? No problem! Just start your stock count while connected to the internet to load your inventory list. After that, you can count anywhere, and your phone will keep the data safe until you're back online to submit it.

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