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In this article, you can find the steps to invite and remove customers as a vendor or sales rep on Choco.

Inviting customers through Choco is a faster way of acquiring new clients.
Your customers can also add you as a vendor through their app.

How to invite customers

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Customers from the side menu

  2. Select Invite customers

  3. Fill out the information including the customer name, phone number, customer number and selecting the business

    • You can customize your invitation message at step 1/3 (tip: include the download link in case your customer does not use Choco)

    • You can create an order guide at step 3/3 to allow your customer to start ordering with you as soon as possible

Below are the instructions for your customers to start ordering with you on Choco upon invitation.

How to invite customers through the Choco app

You can also send invitations to your customers via the Choco app.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Add your customers’ phone number to your contacts

  2. Log in to the Choco app

  3. Select Invite customers

  4. Select the customer

  5. Search for their business and select it

  6. Review the contact and business details and select Connect

    • Recommended: add the customer number

  7. Select Confirm

What happens after sending an invitation to a customer

After sending an invitation, there are different case scenarios of what can happen next:

  • If your customer is already using the Choco app, a chat is automatically created

  • If your customer isn’t on Choco, a chat will be created as soon as your customer signs in

  • If your customers is on Choco, but they are not connected to the restaurant, you will be asked to contact our Customer Support

  • If there is already a chat between this customer and your business, but you’re not part of it, please contact our Customer Support

What your customers should do when receiving an invitation and they are not on Choco

  1. Select the link that they receive via SMS

  2. Download the app and select Log in

  3. Enter the verification code received via SMS

  4. Confirm contact details

Once they are logged in to Choco, they will find your chat and can start ordering.

Here’s how it works:

How your customer can create an order guide

  1. Select the supplier

  2. Select the shopping cart option

  3. Select Add products

    • Recommended: your customer should browse your catalogue and add products to their order guide to start placing orders right away

How your customer can place their first order

  1. Select the shopping cart option

  2. Select the quantities

  3. Select the arrow

  4. Finalize your order by choosing a date and confirming it

Read more about placing orders via Choco.

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