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How to remove a supplier
How to remove a supplier
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You should remove a supplier only in the following case scenarios:

  • Your business will no longer work with them

  • You are no longer planning to work with them, but someone in your team is

If you are temporarily not ordering from the supplier but might restart in the future, we advise you not to remove them. However, removing them won’t prevent you from re-adding them in the future.

The best way to remove a supplier is to leave the chat. Leaving a supplier chat means only you are leaving it. Your team members will stay in the chat unless they also remove themselves or a team member with admin or staff roles removes them.

Here’s how to remove yourself from a supplier chat:

  1. Open the mobile app

    • If you have multiple restaurants on Choco, choose which restaurant you are managing

  2. Select Suppliers in the bottom tab

  3. Select the supplier

  4. Select the Settings option (⚙️) on the top right

  5. Before leaving the chat, you should check if you should remove other teammates

    • Select their name and confirm your choice to remove them

    • Only team members with admin or staff roles are allowed to remove and re-add other team members

  6. Select leave chat at the bottom and confirm

You will still be able to view your order history with the supplier after leaving the chat.

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