In this article, you can find the steps to update your order guide on Choco web.

How to upload an order guide on Choco web

Instead of adding new products one by one to your order guide, you can use Choco web to do it all at once.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open your browser and go to

  2. Select Log in on the top right of the website banner

  3. Select your country code and enter your cell phone number

  4. Enter the code that you received by text message

  5. Select Suppliers in the top left tab

    • If you have multiple restaurants on Choco, choose which restaurant you are managing

  6. Select the supplier

  7. Select Edit order guide on the top right

  8. Select the three dots on the top right

    • You can select Export to save your current order guide as a backup excel file

  9. Select Export template on Choco web to download your work sheet

  10. Open your template file

    • If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can import the template on Google Sheets by selecting FileImport

  11. Update and save your order guide through Excel

    • Type the product information in the columns under each field

    • Do not edit the name of the information fields containing your delivery address, restaurant, supplier, and customer number

    • Do not edit the name of the product’s information fields

    • Product name and unit are the only mandatory fields

    • You can check the table below to see which fields you can include in your template

    • If you are using Google Sheets, you can save the final file on your computer by selecting FileDownloadMicrosoft Excel (xlsx.)

  12. On Choco web, select Import and upload your file

Explanation of the product’s information fields

Below are all the current product information fields that you can include on your excel template.

Information field

Excel tag

What it refers to

Product name


The name of the product that is sent along with your orders to the supplier.

This information is mandatory.



The quantity and measurement at which each product is sold.

This information is mandatory.

Product ID


The numeric code identifying the product in your supplier’s catalog.

While this information is not mandatory, including it is recommended to reduce ordering mistakes.

Product display name


The product’s name in your order guide.

This information is only visible to you and your team, and not to your suppliers.



The product’s custom price to be written as a number without the currency.

When writing prices, do not include any kind of punctuation (e.g. for $5.00 , type in 500).

This information is only visible to you and your team, and it should reflect the price you pay with your supplier.



The price currency.

This should be written as EUR, USD or GBP.



The minimum amount at which a product should be on-hand in your inventory at all times.

This information is only visible to you and your team.

My category


The product’s category in your order guide.

This information is only visible to you and your team.

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