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On Choco web, restaurants can find the reports tab with the option to download an Excel file (.xlsx) of past orders, products, or deliveries from the past 2 years.

These reports allow you to:

  • Track monthly costs by supplier and location

  • Identify product price fluctuations

  • Review delivery issues and outstanding requests for credit notes or replacements

With these reports, you’ll gain actionable insight from your ordering behavior which will help your team make even more informed purchasing decisions.


How to find your purchasing reports

  1. Log in to

  2. Select the reports tab

  3. Select the location, suppliers, timeframe, and report type

  4. Download your report

Types of Reports

  1. Orders: Investigate order costs per location

  2. Products: Optimize forecasting for seasonal products

  3. Deliveries: Compare delivery checks across your locations

You’ll find your report accessible within your downloads folder.

I don’t see comprehensive or accurate prices on my reports. How do I fix this?

To update the prices of your existing products, you can reach out to our team and share your updated information using the following method:

  1. From the lobby screen, select the "?" option

  2. Select "Send us a message"

  3. Include pictures of your prior invoices in your message

We will use this information to update the prices of your products on Choco and improve the accuracy of future reports.

Are there any restrictions to usage based on Roles & Permissions?

All roles can access and download reports.

Are reports available on the Choco App?

No, reports are currently only available on the web at

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