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How to add suppliers
How to add suppliers
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Choco works with over 15,000 suppliers globally from a wide range of categories, such as Produce, Meat, Wine, Dairy and Packaging.

How to add a supplier

To start, tap on the “Add supplier” button or any of the placeholders in the lobby.

Search for your supplier by name.

Tap on the supplier’s card.

Read through their profile.

Tap the “Add supplier” button.

Choco only enables businesses with existing relationships to connect.

If you are, tap the button that says “I am an existing customer” to add your supplier.

Congratulations - you successfully just added a supplier on Choco!

Before you can order, you need to add products. Click here to find out more.


  • What if I can’t find my supplier?

    • It’s possible to order from any supplier you are already an existing customer of via Choco.

    • If you search for a supplier and can’t find them, click the “Add supplier” button shown and fill in a simple form.

    • After you’ve done so, we’ll create the supplier in the system, ensuring they receive any orders you send them on Choco via their preferred channel (Email, WhatsApp or SMS).

    • This process normally takes up to 1 business day. We’ll contact you via a push notification to let you know when everything is ready!

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