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In this article, you can find the steps to update your order preferences on Choco web as a vendor.

Updating your order preferences allows you to receive orders within your set-up terms such as minimum order value, delivery days or cut off times. Keeping this information up-to-date helps you and your customers manage orders more efficiently.

You can set up this information for all your customers, as well as for individuals or groups.

How to update order preferences for all your customers

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Settings from the side menu

  2. Select Order preferences

    • Edit the Minimum order value by selecting the currency and typing the price (note: your customers will see this information while ordering but can still place orders under this value)

    • Edit the Delivery cost by typing the price

    • Edit the Default catalogue to select your main catalogue (All products) or other catalogues

    • Edit the Delivery days to make this option Optional or Mandatory for your customers and choose your delivery days

    • Edit the Cutoff times to make this option Strict or Flexible and choose a time and timezone

  3. Select Save

These changes apply to all your customers in the Choco app.

How to update customer specific order preferences

  1. Select Customers from the side menu

  2. Select the customer you would like to update

    • Edit the Customer Information : how their name displays, delivery address, customer number, order minimum

    • Choose if they have access to the Default Catalog or Selected Catalogs

  3. Check the box to Enable customer specific delivery days & cutoff settings

    • Select if they have No cutoff, Strict, or Flexible cutoff times

    • Check which Delivery days are available

    • Edit the Cutoff day

    • Edit the Cutoff times

  4. Select Save

This change will apply only to the customer you selected.

Explanation of order preferences’ fields

Minimum order value

The minimum amount of money your customer should spend to place an order with you.

This information will appear in your customers’ Choco app whenever they are placing orders with you.

Your customers can still send an order under the minimum order value.

We recommend adding prices to your products to help your customers reach the minimum order value.

Delivery cost

The amount you are charging for each delivery.

Default catalogue

The product list that is visible by default to your customers.

Delivery days

The days your customers can receive deliveries from you.

By making this option mandatory, your customers must indicate a delivery day to place an order.

Cutoff times

The time after which your customers will not be able to place an order with you.

After Strict cutoff times, customers can’t choose next day delivery.

After Flexible cutoff times, customers can still choose next day delivery with a warning.

You can override this general setting on a per customer level.

Where your customers see your order preferences in the Choco app

Here’s how it works for your customers to see your order preferences:

  1. Select Suppliers in the bottom tab

  2. Select the supplier

  3. Select the Settings option (⚙️)

  4. Select your supplier’s name on the top tab

What to know when using an ERP integration

Using an ERP integration with Choco enables you to sync information about orders and deliveries across platforms and avoid manual information entry.

To ensure optimal order transmission, we recommend:

  • Adding the customer number to Choco and making sure that it matches the one in your ERP system

  • Adding the product ID to products in your catalogue on Choco and making sure that it matches the one in your ERP system

  • Editing customer information or product information directly in your ERP system

  • Editing delivery preferences such as delivery days and cutoff times on Choco. This information may or may not be synced depending on the type of ERP system or your setup preferences in it

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